Functions are an easy way to cut back on the time you spend pre-processing before analyzing your data.

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I love working with data. It’s why I chose my career. Solving problems is a satisfying feeling to say the least. Sometimes however, I feel like I spend more time solving issues with my data than I do actually trying to solve problems with modeling. From what I understand, this is a somewhat common sentiment among those in the data science community. So, what can be done about it? Well, I found an answer in the form of some simple pre-processing functions I wrote. I’ll share what I have with you all here. Before I begin, it might be a…

Using Pandas to wrangle data? Keep these functions in mind.

For all data engineers that use Python, Pandas is a must-know technology. I would say that most of my days begin and end with that one package. It makes my custom ETL scripts easier to write, makes data analysis and validation easier to convey and perform, and it often streamlines complex processes which would be difficult to perform on data if it was not structured within the program. All of this to say, that I am writing this article about the three Pandas functions I could not live without. …

To the 2019–2020 Toronto Maple Leafs; you had my curiosity, and now you have my attention.

Mitch Marner(center right), Andreas Johnsson(center left), John Tavares and Auston Matthews celebrating a goal in last season’s NHL playoffs. credit/Daily Hive

There were moments during the game tonight that I simply could not and would not believe the pure offensive skill that was on display in front of my eyes. It was surreal, sublime, euphoric, and an all-around good sign of things to come in the sport if these Toronto Maple Leafs are to be the new template for the National Hockey League and their soon-to-be 32 franchises.

I simply cannot overstate it: you have to like these Leafs. There’s electricity inherent and sufficient to them that makes me leave my seat even though I’m sitting in my living room, in…

Erik Karlsson pictured being the best defenseman in the world. (Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press)

For over a year the trading of Erik Karlsson has been the fixation of the entire hockey world. Much to the malign of Ottawa Senators fans, many of whom would rather just pay Erik Karlsson the amount of money he clearly deserves instead of low-balling him out of town. And yet, here we are. The beginning of a long offseason that includes the beginning of Erik Karlsson’s final year of his contract. And even though Pierre Dorion gave his word that he wouldn’t move Karlsson, it’s his job to listen. But not to the fans, mind you, to his fellow…

David Beare

Data Engineer/Analyst & Aspiring Data Scientist. I love sports, politics, and a bunch of other nerdy things.

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